26 June: join the Wheel Stop Trident Tour!


Sorry to say that we have to cancel the Wheel Stop Trident tour on Sunday 26th. Some of us will be joining the No Faith In Trident day on Monday – come if you can!


As part of Trident Ploughshares’ June month of action at Burghfield Atomic Weapons Establishment, we’re inviting you to learn more about the Trident weapons system, through the medium of our bicycling Trident Tour.

On Sunday 26th June, meet us in Reading town centre at 2.30pm. We will cycle towards Burghfield and could meet somewhere on the way if that would be easier. We will then cycle round the perimeter of the base as far as possible, stopping at regular intervals to learn more about the activity that’s going on inside. We should return to Reading by 5.30pm.

The brilliant Nuke Watch will be helping with the tour. We will hear about the Trident nuclear weapons system, the convoys of vehicles carrying nuclear warheads to Scotland from AWE, and the work already being done there to build the next generation of weapons of mass destruction.

If you are interested in joining the cycle, please write to us at wheelstoptrident@gmail.com!

Please spread the word using #TridentTour

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