Song sheet for Saturday!

We’re looking forward to joining the massive Stop Trident march on Saturday. Details of our cycle bloc here.

In preparation, we’re practising some of the tunes that have kept us going on previous rides!

1. Trident, Trident
(to the tune of Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do)
Trident, Trident, what an insane idea
Thousands homeless, all for the sake of fear
We can’t afford education, or proper medication
But we must pay a million a day
So the companies profiteer.

2. Oh Trident, you really suck!
Oh Trident, you really suck
It’s time for the government to wrap you up
Oh Trident, let’s shut you down
And spend the money on renewables now
Yeah, spend the money on renewables now.

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