Join us on Thursday 30th April: Wheel Stop Trident…again

And finally arrived at Burghfield where we delivered our message

Join our London cycling protest one week before the election

In 2016 the British government (whoever they might be) will decide whether to scrap the Trident nuclear weapons programme once and for all, or whether to waste £100 billion on the most dangerous weapons humankind has ever produced.

It’s not hard, is it?

Wheel Stop Trident had an awesome time putting the brakes on these nuclear weapons in March – we cycled from the offices of the Trident profiteers to the nuclear bomb factory where all that money is being wasted, via groups campaigning against the cuts.

But we aren’t stopping there! We want all political parties to hear our message loud and clear in time for the general election: fund welfare not warfare!

We think the resources being wasted on nuclear weapons would be better spent on public services and responding to real security threats, like climate change. If you agree, join us on 30 April for a spot of cycling.

We will cycle to the offices of Serco, Jacobs Engineering, and Lockheed Martin, calling on them to lay down their work building nuclear weapons – these companies all profit from nuclear warhead production at Aldermaston and Burghfield AWE, near Reading. Their offices look like all other offices, but the work of these companies could cause nuclear war. Join us to protest, leaflet their workers,and show everyone where nuclear war begins (and ends!) We’ll end by making the short journey from Lockheed Martin’s office to Parliament, where the final decision on Trident replacement will be made.

Join us for any or all of our journey, with a bike or on foot!

Thursday 30th April
  1. 2.30pm Meet at Mitcham Junction station to head to Serco‘s offices a few minutes down the road, then cycle to…
  2. 4.45pm Jacobs Engineering: Tower Bridge Court, 226 Tower Bridge Rd, SE1 2UP, then cycle to…
  3. 6.15pm Lockheed Martin: 15 Lower Regent Street, SW1Y 4LR, then cycle to…
  4. 7.00pm Parliament Square
Follow our journey at #WheelStopTrident, check our blog (, or contact wheelstoptrident [at] gmail [dot] com
Join the Facebook event here, and invite others to spread the word.
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One comment on “Join us on Thursday 30th April: Wheel Stop Trident…again
  1. […] Cyclists from the Wheel Stop Trident group will be joined by others, starting from Serco’s offices at 3.30pm, traveling via Jacob’s Engineering at Tower Bridge, and Lockheed Martin on Regents Street, ending up in Parliament Square at 7.00pm. See full schedule here:… […]


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