Our message to those who profit from nuclear weapons

We will deliver this letter this morning to the London offices of Lockheed Martin, during our protest at the start of our journey. Find out more about who profits from Trident here: Who profits from the Atomic Weapons Establishment?


Dear employees of Lockheed Martin,

We write to request that you abandon your work building and maintaining nuclear weapons.

We, the Wheel Stop Trident group, are cycling from your offices in London to Burghfield Atomic Weapons Establishment. We want to make the connection between those who will profit from a replacement of Trident nuclear weapons, including Lockheed Martin shareholders, staff and directors, and those losing out because of government cuts. After we protest outside your offices this morning, we’ll visit a hospital just a few miles away whose Maternity Unit is under threat.

A new generation of Trident nuclear weapons would cost at least £100 billion pounds.

Think what that money could do, if it were spent instead on the common good: on the NHS, on schools, or investing in renewable energy. This investment would be working towards genuine, sustainable security, tackling the roots of the most pressing threats to our society, like climate change. Many even in the military agree that nuclear weapons are not the solution to the most pressing genuine security threats that the UK faces.

Any use of Trident nuclear weapons would kill thousands of people. No use of them could possibly distinguish between civilians and combatants. We know that, like us, you are aunties, fathers, neighbours, workmates, friends. We ask that you spend time contemplating the destruction that a nuclear attack, or accident, would wreak on other families, other friends, and on the earth itself. Imagine how you would feel if you were the person who had to fire a nuclear missile at a city in another country.

Could you do that?

Every day, Lockheed Martin make that destruction and that death ever more possible.

We do not ask you to give up your jobs and livelihoods without alternative options. Research from Campaign Against Arms Trade shows that a move towards offshore wind and marine energy could produce more jobs than the entire arms industry combined. Like arms, the renewable energy sector is highly skilled. It is the future. Nuclear weapons should be a thing of the past.

We call upon you to repurpose Lockheed Martin. Offer your services to the British government to decommission Trident.

In our journey, we are pointing to the kind of society that we want to live in: a healthier one, with well-resourced free education for all, powered by renewable energy.

Join us

The Wheel Stop Trident riders


Follow us @brakeTrident


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